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This year's event will be featuring the Frightful Things Marketplace - selected artists, traders and publishers whose work reflects the themes of Fear in the Fens. 
Some stalls will be open to the general public as well as festival ticket holders.

Frightful Things 

Rodney Sims

Selling original horror, Sci-Fi, cult and left-field posters (from the 30’s to the 80’s), front of house and press stills, pressbooks and other film memorabilia.


Magic and Wonders

We have a romantic gothic theme and we sell a range of fun and unique items from Nemesis (now Alchemy), including dragons, unicorns a variety of gifts (including some of the most wonderful boxes and journals), to the most fabulous ornaments and the most beautiful and unique jewelry available in our realm - and so much more.

Satanic Mojo Comix & Books

Original, occult themed, limited edition, underground comics and second-hand books from the Satanic Mojo collection: witchcraft, folklore, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, demonology, RPG, Satanism, counterculture etc.


Folk Horror Revival

The Folk Horror Revival Group will be promoting their books and the forthcoming exciting events and projects FHR have planned for the next 12 months.

They will also giving Fear in the Fens attendees a sneak preview of their next publication with a pre-publication copy of Harvest Hymns, about the music of Folk Horror, and will be explaining how to order it.

No8 The Old Bookshop
Will be bringing a selection of horror books along with all of our horror DVDs. If you have any special requests please message our page and we will do our best to find them for you and bring them along to the event.

Spoke Records
Local independent label Spoke Records specialise in releasing rare, obscure and
esoteric recordings on 7" vinyl.
Music from the Psychomania soundtrack is top of their hit-list.
Spoke Records will be mixing live in the main hall during the lunch and dinner breaks.

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