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Nasty, Brutish and Short

The 2020 Fear in the Fens

short film competition

festival laurels 2020 copy.gif

There's no big screen to host our short film competition this year, but your vote still counts!

Please click on the images to watch all the submitted films below, then vote for your favourite using this link.

The winner of the poll will be awarded the Golden Shuck.

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The String
Cheap Thrills Productions

matthew M.jpeg

Increasingly sinister omens and a mysterious string. A grim fable tinted with the supernatural,
'The String' deals with the themes of death, the afterlife and the absolute feeling of entrapment as one's fate is sealed by the clutches of destiny.

Shot entirely in Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich.

Last Confession

Dir: John Whittaker


As the time closes in, a priest who is at odds with his identity and wondering where he shall lead his flock before Halloween, makes a decision based on the time of year rather than scripture.

Dir: John Whittaker



When needs must in lockdown, shopping for essential items might not be such a good idea!

Silence in the Library 

Dir: Bejamin Peel


A man recounts to camera a story about what he was told happened when a couple of young photographers documented an abandoned library with the past seemingly encroaching on the present through their equipment.

The Nest
Bloody Cuts


When Lilly decides to spy on her brother and his secret girlfriend, she discovers that the young couple are engaged in something much darker than infidelity…
Shot in King’s Lynn with a mainly local crew.



Home alone... your receive a text telling you to turn the lights off and shut your bedroom door...
What could be lurking in the darkness?
Shot in Essex

Coda Films


Tommy, an out of work building contractor, faces up to the consequences when a series of phone calls expose a lie that spirals out of control. With his family in danger and everything he knows rapidly unravelling around him, he must make the toughest decision of his life. Set entirely within the claustrophobic confines of a parked car, HOLD brings an atmospheric and tense twist on a familiar genre.Blagrove's latest tense thriller was shot entirely on location at the Raynham Hangar studio's in West Raynham, Norfolk using a largely East Anglian crew.

We hope you've enjoyed watching our films this year.
Don't forget to vote for your favourite using this link.


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