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Nasty, Brutish and Short

The 2021 Fear in the Fens

short film competition

festival laurels 2021 .gif

There's still no big screen to host our short film competition this year, but your vote still counts!

We've had another great year for submissions, with a wide range of entries. From horror-comedy to documentary style - and even an appearance from one of the stars of Empire Strikes Back.

As always, our criteria is that films must be horror, and must be made in East Anglia. Beyond that, you are the judge.

Please click on the images to watch the submitted films below, then vote for your favourite using this link.
(requires being logged in to your Google account)

Voting will continue through October and the winner will be announced on October 31.


Black Shuck award.jpg

The Getaway
Dir: Jake Sadd

Photo 1 Screenshot_20210701-002049__01__01.jpg

A woman goes on holiday to find everything isn't as it seems.
Made in four days (Written in a day from initial ideas, shot in a day and directed over zoom, edited in two days).
Part of the bfi film academy Suffolk, made by a group of 16-19 year olds over zoom.
Shot in Norfolk, written and directed in Suffolk (UK). 

The Dark Age

Dir: Dominic Crannis

POSTER smaller.png

An abstract experimental science-fiction horror, part inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. It is an anthology of three parts, narratively unrelated but sharing common existential themes 
Shot in Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits
with an East Anglian cast and crew.

Dir: Thomas Thorogood

The Tell-Tale Heart

tell-tale heart.jpeg

Judy is disturbed by strange visions. Her friend Christina tries to reach out, but Judy descends ever deeper into terrifying unknowns. Will Christina be able to save her? Inspired by the short 1843 gothic horror story of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe.

Made entirely by a (largely amateur) Cambridgeshire-based cast and crew. It was shot entirely in the city of Cambridge.


PQA Cambridge

Expulsion Only.PNG

Fourfriends are called to expel a spirit from a teenager’s house…or are they?
Produced by the Pauline Quirke Academy, Cambridge

Flowers for the Dead
Richard Markworth & John 


FFTD Still.jpg

A pair of ex-convicts enter allegedly haunted woods to exploit the disappearance of a young girl for financial purposes. But the woods harbour their own sinister secrets that await the unwary. Stars Alan Austen (The Empire Strikes Back).and was shot in Stevenage and Norwich. The cast and crew are based in Norfolk and Hertfordshire.

Fact or Fiction?
Dir: Jordon Thomas


For years strange sightings of an unidentified creature have been reported on the East Norfolk coastline. FACT OR FICTION? investigates these sightings and showcases the stories of those who have encountered it along the coast.

From one radio enthusiast's shed on the dunes of Eccles, to the golden sands of Great Yarmouth and back again to the eroding cliffs at Happisburgh,

We hope you've enjoyed watching our films this year.
Don't forget to vote for your favourite using this link.


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