Set in the East Anglian fenland, Fear in the Fens is a celebration of:

  • Classic horror films

  • Great speakers on related subjects

  • Performance

  • Locally made short horror films.

Fear in the Fens 2018 is currently being planned, keep the last weekend of October (Fri 26 - Sun 28) clear in your diaries! 

Tickets are now available for our  'one-off spectacular' Ruined Childhood - featuring children's television and popular culture of the 70s.
This event is part of Downham Market Festival on
Spring Bank Holiday weekend (Sun May 27).

See the Fear in the Fens 2016 website.

See the Fear in the Fens 2017 website.

Fear in the Fens is produced by CULTure Babylon. Follow CULTure Babylon on Facebook


“Intelligent and thought-provoking without forfeiting entertainment value”
- Feedback from 2017 festival


Jim Peters

Jim Peters is an administrator of the Folk Horror Revival group that hosts events across the UK and publishes books on the subject of Folk Horror. During the day Jim is a Collections Manager at The British Museum (where he organised last year’s sell out Folk Horror Revival event).

Robert Lloyd Parry
A graduate of Brasenose College, Oxford, Robert Lloyd Parry is a writer, historian and performer with a particular interest in the works of H G Wells and MR James, the master of the English ghost story. 

However, it is in his role as writer, producer, performance story teller and award-winning actor for which he is perhaps best known. Nunkie Theatre Company, has brought the work of MR James and other writers to life for many thousands of people.

Michael  Clarke

Over the past fifteen years Michael Clarke has lectured extensively on systems of magic, particularly folk magic. He has carried out extensive research on the folk magic and witchcraft of East Anglia.
Michael also started the Great Yarmouth Pagan Moot.


Dr Francis Young

Dr Young is an expert on the history of 
catholicism in East Anglia.
He has also written a number of workson religion and the occult, including 
Witches and Witchcraft in Ely, 
A History of Exorcism in Catholic 
Christianity, and a translation of a16thcentury grimoire, The Cambridge Book of Magic. 

Kit Lewis
Kit Lewis has been a writer and journalist for 20 years  and is the curator of Fear in the Fens.

His journalism has appeared in national and regional newspapers and in publications as varied as Shooting Times and Teddy Bear Times.

Kit Lewis started CULTure Babylon in 2012, combining cult films with expert speakers in a unique format 

which provided the foundation for the Fear in the Fens Festival.

Gavin Baddeley 

Gavin Baddeley is an English writer specialising in the devilish 
and decadent, Gothic and 

macabre. In addition to penning

books such as: 


Lucifer Rising: Sin, Devil Worship and Rock and Roll

The Gospel of Filth: A Bible of Decadence and Darkness

Goth: Vamps and Dandies
Goth Chic
Vampire Lovers

Dissecting Marilyn Manson
God's Assassins: The Medieval Roots of Terrorism
Saucy Jack: The Elusive Ripper
Vlad the Impaler,

he has also written for a diverse 

range of periodicals and newspapers, including the ObserverKnave
Metal Hammer and Medieval 

Just some of our previous speakers

Putting the CULT into culture.




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