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Charley says: "The weather's rubbish, rescue your Bank Holiday weekend by going to Ruined Childhood! "


Downham Market Town Hall
Sunday, May 27 (Bank Holiday Sunday)
Doors open at 
7pm for 7.30pm start

Tickets £10.00 - available on the door. Cash, card and contactless payments accepted.


Finding Downham Market

Ruined Childhood

The dark side of popular culture for children in the 70s:
an evening of talks, clips and those infamous public information films


Black magic rituals...
Being possessed by giant spiders...
Aliens harvesting human body parts...
This was everyday television fare that 70s kids consumed with their teatime fish fingers.
Even the commercial breaks weren’t safe!


The 70s were a fertile and creative period in children's entertainment.
However, it was also a dark decade. The world had become dangerous and unpredictable. Socially and economically old certainties were crumbling and giving way to a new world. The sense of unease and uncertainty led to a questioning of accepted values and sparked a full-blown obsession with all things occult.

CULTure Babylon examines how these themes were reflected across all areas of mainstream media – including children’s entertainment – shaping the nightmares of a whole generation.

David Lawrence and Stephen Brotherstone, the authors of Scarred For Life – the definitive guide to 70s popular culture, will be giving their first talk since launching the book. 
They will be examining some of the defining moments of 70s television that sent them screaming from the living room.

In our second talk, The Devil's Music director Pat Higgins 
(‘One of the key names in the British horror revival’ – SCREAM magazine) will be taking us on a personal journey through the things that terrified him as a child (even the Two Ronnies couldn’t be trusted) and how fear can be harnessed in the creative process of 

This immersive, workshop-style talk will have the audience using their own fears to devise the plot for the BEST HORROR FILM EVER.
Both entertaining and informative, Pat’s workshop is recommended for anyone interested in film, in horror, or the process of how ideas get turned into films.
Watch a preview here:

















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