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There are four main events to the festival: 
Three talk + film presentations, and Nasty brutish and short  (short films split over two sessions).

Buy tickets for each of the four events for £6 each, or enjoy the whole day with a VIP day ticket for just £18.

Please note:
This event is suitable only for audiences aged 18 and over. 
Events/timings could change at short notice due to circumstances beyond our control. 

Festival Programme

10.30am Festival opening

Talk: Witchcraft in East Anglia Film: Witchfinder General (15)

Historian, translator and writer Dr Francis Young is an expert on the 
history of catholicism in East Anglia. He has also written a number of 

works on religion and the occult.

Dr Young will be talking about the history of Witchcraft in East Anglia 

with special reference to Ely and surrounding region.

Witchfinder General (1968)
The last film directed by Michael Reeves and notorious for both the off-screen tension between Reeves and the film’s star Vincent Price, and 

also the on-screen violence which shocked audiences at the time. 

Now considered to be Tigon film’s finest hour, this is a hard and fast 

take on a violent and turbulent time in the history of East Anglia, using authentic locations in Suffolk and East Anglia. 

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Nasty, brutish and short 1(1

One ticket provides admission to both this and the second session at 5pm.
   Triple Word Scare - Dir: Jonathan Howard (Cambridge)
Horror comedy with genuine chills.

   Clutch - Dir: Matthew McGuchan
Psychological horror with a Hitchcock/Polanski vibe
   21:07 - Dir: Aaron Weight, Extreme Productions (Bury St Edmunds) 
   Xtreme Productions 
A professor investigates rumours of a haunted room in a local pub. 
  The Birch -
Dir: Ben Franklin/Anthony Melton

   A troubled young man has unexpected help. Filmed in the King's Lynn area.

  The Ritual - Dir: Will Wright (Suffolk) 
A ceremony to open a portal to another world is being prepared.
  The Wild Hunt- Dir: Will Wright (Suffolk)

   A motorists has an encounter with a strange creature... was it East Anglia's
   legendary Black Shuck?

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Talk: Satanic Cinema 
Film: The Seventh Victim (18

Journalist, writer and Fear in the Fens curator Kit Lewis takes a look at the 
Devil and his followers in film 1922-1973. 

The talk explores the recurring themes of Satan and Devil worship in cinema through 

such films as FW Murnau’s FaustRosemary’s BabyThe Devil Rides Out and the genre-changingThe Exorcist.

The Seventh Victim (1943)

When her sister Jacqueline goes missing, orphan Mary Gibson leaves school and heads

for New York. Her search takes her down an increasingly dark and disturbing path until

she discovers Jacqueline has joined a sinister devil-worshipping cult.

Can Mary save her from becoming the seventh victim?

The bleak and nihilistic storyline of the Seventh Victim put this film head and shoulders 

above the usual thrillers of its time.

This horror-noir features the dark, atmospheric cinematography which has become 

synonymous with its producer, Val Lewton.
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Nasty, brutish and short 2
Grain, Grunge and Gore (1

Chris Mizsak from the Cambridge Super 8 Group will present a brief overview of how Super 8 film became a favoured format for low-budget grindhouse horror. The talk will be followed by the second session of Nasty, Brutish and Short—a showreel of bite-size horror flicks by international filmmakers from the Cambridge Super 8 Film Festival archive, including a selection of recent award-winning shorts specially submitted for Fear in the Fens.

Perpetuum Immobile - Dir: Marc Marti
A vision from a nightmare... awake or asleep?

Walpurgisnacht - Dir: Patrick Müller

Inspired by a 19th century poem.

Woman and the Ring - Dir: Samuel J. Harford & Jasmine Leivers
An act of greed revisits an woman in old age.

Leftovers - Dir:  Lucas Ostrowski

Meat the new girlfriend's parents

More Control (Heist and the Accomplice) - Dir:  Steve Daniels

A music video shoot in an abandoned cinema.

Little Red - Dir: Ben Barton
Something unexpected is lurking in the forest. 

Meat Head - Dir: Samuel J. Harford & Jasmine Leivers
Winner of 'Best Film' at the 2013 Revel-8 Super 8 Film Festival 

M is for MARAUDER - Dir: Steve Daniels

Homage to Mad Max and 60s biker films

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Talk: Vlad the Impaler - the real Dracula /
Film: Dracula 1972 AD (18

Gavin Baddeley has been described as the patron saint of gothic journalism.
He is a writer specialising in the devilish and decadent, Gothic and macabre and has 
made numerous media appearances and advised sundry bodies as a leading expert on 
the dark arts.
Gavin’s keynote talk, Who Are You Calling a Count? will look at the historical 

figure of Vlad Tepes, the inspiration for the Dracula myth.

Dracula 1972 AD (1972!)
Time was running out for Hammer films when this was made and is one of 

Sir Christopher Lee’s final serious portrayals of Count Dracula - who finds himself in 

swinging 70s London facing his old nemesis, Van Helsing (Peter Cushing).
This film is now gaining cult status as a masterpiece of 70s kitsch and scenery-chewing by the cast.

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10 pm - Festival close

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