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Short films

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Once again, the public will be asked to vote for their favourite short film, which will be awarded the Golden Shuck.

The trophy was created by Christine Pike of FreyaDottir Designs.

The development and design of the Golden Shuck trophy was supported by Norfolk County Council.

See the films already accepted for this year

The call for entries for this year has now closed!

One of the key features of Fear in the Fens is that it offers local filmmakers the opportunity to show their films on the big screen
to a festival audience.


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festival laurels 2019 copy.gif

This year's shorts

CARRIGAN WAKES poster 1 (1).jpg

Carrigan Wakes
Dir: Richard Markworth

John Carrigan wakes in a dirty alley. Clambering painfully to his feet he finds himself pursued by sinister bandaged figures and a relentless hunter. How did he get there and why are they after him? The clues lie in flashbacks of a sinister cult. A cult that has his wife.


Bed of Nails
Dir: John Whitaker

A macabre nightmarish fantasy. From capturing a vulnerable country woman and converting her into a human 'May pole', the strange dancing folk, led by a surreal leader, become frenzied and lose order. There are no rules, only chaos and fun!
Shot in a Suffolk location [Sweffling] with cast members living within the county and the others from Norfolk and Hertfordshire.

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Blood Sport
Dir: Cara McWilliam Richardson
Peterborough Films

Two hunters prepare their rifles, but their sights are set on something rather sinister.

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Dir: Lewis Pavlović

Peterborough Films

When a mysterious proscribed parcel arrives on Jane’s doorstep, she must fight her inner temptations to refrain from opening it.

McPherson's Toys
Austin Charlesworth - Director/Editor, Damian Street

A mysterious package is to be delivered to an uncharted planet. Instructed not to look at the ominous cargo’s contents, the two nervous space couriers debate on whether the payday is worth it as they approach their rendezvous.

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Off Fleek
Aura Films

Teenager Emma suffers horrendous cyber bullying and her worse fears come true as the body shaming abuse she receives online begins to transform her appearance. She decides to take drastic action, which has disastrous consequences for herself and her family.

hangman 2.jpeg

Hangman II
Dir: John Whittaker

A stranger with hidden intentions infiltrates a happy-go-lucky group of cowboys.
One-by-one he takes the group on and we gradually discover the reason for what he is doing.

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The Recurring Dream
Dir: Morgan Gibb

The recurring dream is something that is experienced by most people at some stage of their life. My recurring dream is a curious and relentless nightmare. This work visualises my own dreams through their incessant repetition and gradual escalation in an attempt to reconcile and possibly understand them.

Red Room
Dir: Harry Fish

After returning from a long trip, a photographer makes a terrifying discovery while developing his pictures.

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Dir: David Jameson

A young woman gets a tip-off from a friend about an old creepy barn for her photography project. When she gets there, she comes across a very peculiar item.

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