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How much does it cost?

We are fair and transparent with our pricing. 

Most copy writing services we provide cost £35 an hour. 

For many small jobs this is excellent value, as a professional writer can get quite a lot done in an hour. However, the more time you want to use, the less it costs. 

We offer three, flexible ways of commissioning and invoicing so that you can choose the way the suits your organisation and your budget.

Hourly rate
Just get billed for the time you've used at the end of each month.


Fixed price quote

For larger pieces of work, or for situations where you need to have a fixed price for budgeting or accountancy reasons, ask for a fixed price quote. You will be billed when the work is complete.


If you want ongoing services over a period of months, then a

retainer - a simple agreement to use a set number of hours over a fixed period of time - works out even better value. You will be billed for the hours you have used at the end of each month.


These services are charged at £30 an hour. 
For substantial amounts of work, please ask for a fixed-price quote


Overnight working
Sometimes it really does absolutely, positively have to be on your desk by 9am the next day. 

If we are briefed early enough, most small jobs can be turned around for delivery the next day. 
However, larger or late-briefed projects can require working overnight. 
The 'overnight rate' is £70 an hour for each hour worked after 8pm. 
You will always be told in advance when this rate will apply.

To ask for a quote, contact us now.


Terms and conditions
All outstanding work is invoiced at the end of each month. Invoices fall due immediately and must be paid within 30 calendar days of the date of issue. All copyright and intellectual property rights for any work completed on behalf of the client remain the property of Word & Co. until payment has been received in full.


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