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Corporate and business communications we offer include:

  • Press releases
    The right story at the right time, told in a compelling way, can catch the eye of the media and gain publicity equivalent to tens of thousands of pounds of advertising for your organisation. 
    If you have something to tell the world, we can help you say it.

  • Public relations and internal communications
    Mission statements, policy documents, newsletters, corporate magazines and many other forms of external and internal corporate communication can enhance the public reputation of your organisation and help your workforce feel more motivated and involved.
    We can show you how.

  • Funding and tender applications
    Bidding for funding or tendering for contracts is fiercely competitive. Compelling and persuasive documentation is an essential part of presenting your organisation 
    professionally and getting your bid through to the final round.
    We have a track record of preparing successful funding
    bids and tender documents for both commercial and 
    charitable purposes.


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