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Adding extra capacity

Some times you need extra capacity for your web or communications teams.
Factors such as:

  • annual leave

  • maternity leave

  • sudden or long-term staff sickness

  • staff leaving/delays in recruitment

  • sudden increases in demand

can leave your staff overstretched and struggling to cope.

Flexible, professional help
Word & Co. helps a number of organisations manage their capacity by providing flexible, additional support for their communications and content management teams.

Support can be provided either externally as freelance services, or on-site when you need a desk to be staffed to provide holiday or sickness cover.


Contact us now to find out how we can help you add capacity to your team.

“Chris joined the communications team covering a period of maternity leave and very quickly became an asset to the council. His flexible approach was allied to an ability to grasp complex issues quickly, and communicate them in a way that resonated with our different audiences. All in all, he was a pleasure to work with.”

Thom Burn, Policy and Communications Manager for Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council


“During his 5-week contract, Chris proved to be a real asset to Breckland Council’s Communications Team. He quickly adapted to working within the team and worked diligently on all the tasks assigned to him. Chris was able to draft press releases and social media content on a range of subjects, working with colleagues from across the council. He was an equally safe pair of hands when tasked with pulling together media responses, monitoring print and social media activity, and supporting the team with day-to-day admin tasks. Chris was a pleasure to work with.”

Matt Barnard, Communications Manager, Breckland Council

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